Who We Are

The Young Leaders Society’s Board of Directors meets once a month to plan, organize and make progress on addressing issues that impact the lives of Ventura County young people. YLS Board meetings are open to the general public. We welcome visitors to attend and learn about YLS.

Board of Directors – 2013/2014:

  • Jessie Hawkins, Chair of the Board 
  • Sarah Rune, Vice Chair of Operations
  • Heather Hanna, United Way Board Representative & Marketing Chair
  • Amanda Broggie, Marketing Vice Chair
  • Matthew A. Shrope, Treasury Chair
  • Alex Tellez, Membership Chair
  • Tom Adams, Membership Vice Chair
  • Trina Pena, United Way/YLS Liaison
  • Sevina Altanova, Board Member
  • Brenda Dearborn, Board Member 
  • Jorge Gonzalez, Board Member
  • Cesar Perez, Board Member
  • Joseph Markewicz, Board Member
  • Laura Romano, Board Member
  • Justin Smith, Board Member
  • Kimberly Thunderbird, Board Member
  • Arturo Zaragoza, Board Member


  • Tiffany Lopez, Member
  • Nancy Rodriguez, Member
  • Robb Murphy, Member
  • Diana Trinh, Member
  • Lisa Lutz, Member