Our Vision: Ventura County residents achieve their full potential in education, financial stability, and health. These three areas of focus — education, income (financial stability), and health have been a part of UWVC transition to the Community Impact model started in 2005.

Our Mission: To improve lives by inspiring and mobilizing the caring power and resources of our community.

Since 1945, United Way has helped Ventura County residents receive valuable health and human services by providing support to worthy causes and organizations. Although there are United Way organizations in almost every part of the United States, each one is governed by its own local board and is completely autonomous from United Way Worldwide.

United Way of Ventura County is a volunteer-driven organization. This means that individuals living and working in the local community volunteer their time and expertise to set and monitor the direction in planning, policy decisions, and financial development of the United Way.

Through a once-yearly campaign, United Way of Ventura County offers individuals, companies and their employees the opportunity to choose how they want to respond to our community needs.

United Way of Ventura County is authentically committed to diversity and inclusion in both our internal and external work.

Donors can choose to have their donation be a part of United Way’s strategic approach to community-solving
Donors can specify that their donation be designated to a particular 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.