United Way of Ventura County Advocacy

Promoting, enhancing and monitoring

Public Policy is a significant catalyst for change…it directs funding towards important community health and human service needs that compliment the ongoing fundraising and investment efforts of United Way of Ventura County.

United Way of Ventura County volunteers and staff develop a public policy/legislative agenda to provide guidance on a variety of local, state and federal policy issues. We will provide information to legislators and to the public in an effort to increase understanding and awareness of the impact of policy and budget decisions on health and human services in our community.

Priority Issue – Ventura County Children’s Oral Health Collaborative

“Building Healthy Smiles”


Vision: Eliminate Untreated Tooth Decay for Children in Ventura County

Mission: The Ventura County Children’s Oral Health Collaborative strengthens the system of oral health education and care by:


  • Involving parents
  • Working together
  • Raising awareness
  • Facilitating communication
  • Serving as a clearinghouse
  • Encouraging best and promising practices
  • Developing resources Sharing data
  • Advocating for policy changes


Advocacy/Public Policy Toolkit

Presentations by Audience (.ppt)

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Talking Points (.pdf)

Current Public Policy News (.pdf)

Social Media (.pdf)

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Priority Issue – Health Coverage for all California Children


United Way’s Commitment to Healthier Children and a Strong Economy

All Californians benefit when our children have health insurance and receive preventive care. It is not only good for our kids, but it helps keep costs down for all of us.

The fact is, Californians are already paying for healthcare for uninsured children, but in a less cost-effective way.

That’s why United Way believes we must have policies and funding in place at both the state and federal level to ensure all children have access to healthcare. At the same time, United Way understands that business is the engine of California’s economy and works to help ensure policies to cover all children are fair to business and helpful to our state’s fiscal environment.

Covering Californias Children Campaign

Health insurance coverage is vital to our children, their families and our economy. Healthy kids attend school, learn and become viable workers in the future. We will focus not only on efforts to expand coverage to all children, but work to prevent the numbers of uninsured children from rising.

Here’s how:

  • Increase reimbursement rates to Denti-Cal
  • Restore funding to the California Children’s Dental Disease Prevention Program (CCDDPP)
  • Support full implementation of California’s Pediatric Oral Health Action Plan to reach federal goals
  • Strengthen collaboration between the newly restored State Office of Oral Health and Medi-Cal

Children Now: Denti-Cal Infographic



Priority Issue – 2-1-1: Getting People the Help They Need

United Way is committed to making 2-1-1 available to all California residents through its partnership with 2-1-1 CA. Working together, we will ensure families and individuals in need are connected to the building blocks for a good life: education, income, and health.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • Pursue statewide expansion of 2-1-1.
  • Establish a partnership with the state and federal governments.
  • Support federal legislation, federal appropriations requests and other vehicles at both the federal and state level that benefit expansion of 2-1-1 statewide.
  • Advocate for policies that support universal access to 2-1-1 so all Californians can connect anytime and anywhere–no matter what type of telecommunications system they have access to or where they are in the country, 24 hours a day.




Locate your legislator: http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/yourleg.html

Conduct research on a bill: http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/bilinfo.html

For more information about United Way’s Advocacy issues, please contact Jennifer Herrera, Regional Advocacy Coordinator, at herrera3@gte.net.


Social Media Calendar


UWCA Social Media Editorial Calendar (We are stronger together! At least once per day, tweet or FB post the same topic as your colleagues! Thank you)

August 2016

(Use #hashtags (see list at bottom of document) and retweet your colleagues. Watch for Additional Advocacy tweets by UWCA throughout the month.)

Date Topic Subject/Sample Post RAC lead Health Ed Income 211 Twitter Vine Instagram FB Resources/ Data
Week 1 – August 1 – 5
Theme: Services and Programs
1 Monday Need #internet access to stay connected over summer? You may qualify for low-cost #broadband. #Dial211 or http://bit.ly/SkaytZ Jennifer X X X X http://bit.ly/SkaytZ
2 Tuesday Follow the happenings & learning at UW Western Regional Conference #LIVEUNITEDWest #LiVEUNITED Will X X X X X X
3 Wednesday Make #volunteering part of ur child’s routine this #summer & #school year. Learn more: #Dial211 http://bit.ly/1gI5fsX #LiveUnited Danielle X X X X http://bit.ly/1gI5fsX
4 Thursday Need access to services? Check out our #family #resource page: http://www.unitedwaysca.org/resources/other-resources or #Dial211 Michelle X X X X X X http://www.unitedwaysca.org/resources/other-resources
5 Friday Need #health coverage & not sure if u qualify? Contact enrollment counselor for assistance: http://bit.ly/1rmIJ54 #ItsLifeCare Susan X X X X http://bit.ly/1rmIJ54
Week 2 August 8-12
Theme: Income
8 Monday Over 380K CA households got #CalEITC. Did you? Still time through Oct 17. See if u qualify: http://bit.ly/1sD2maw #ItsYourMoneyGetIt Jennifer X X X http://bit.ly/1sD2maw
9 Tuesday CA cut rate of uninsured #kids by half, but #poverty continues to threaten #well-being: bit.ly/29wr5WH @PNS_News @AECFkidscount Will X X X X bit.ly/29wr5WH
10 Wednesday #Income is a strong predictor of life expectancy: brook.gs/29bmOeZ @BrookingsEcon Danielle X X X brook.gs/29bmOeZ
11 Thursday #Children in #poverty are more likely to suffer from chronic illness: ow.ly/Qxx7c @ChildDefender #EndChildPoverty #TalkPoverty Michelle X X X X ow.ly/Qxx7c
12 Friday Over 15M #children live in #poverty in the US today & it impacts #health and well-being: ow.ly/gM9F3021cGY @healthychildren Susan X X X X ow.ly/gM9F3021cGY
Week 3 – August 15 – 19
Theme: Health
15 Monday #Health insurance coverage is now available for ALL #CA #kids, regardless of immigration status. www.health4allkids.org or #Dial211 Jennifer X X X X www.health4allkids.org
16 Tuesday #Health #disparities among #Latino #children continues despite national improvements: bit.ly/29ps9Q3 #DataBook @SaludToday Will X X X bit.ly/29ps9Q3
17 Wednesday Need to know #health coverage options for you and family? Contact United Way for assistance: http://bit.ly/1rmIJ54 or #Dial211 Danielle X X X X http://bit.ly/1rmIJ54
18 Thursday How does expanded #Medi-Cal help #kids in your area? See details from @CCHI4families: bit.ly/28Px9Mn @AllInForHealth Michelle X X X bit.ly/28Px9Mn
19 Friday #Medi-Cal removes #financial barriers to treatment for moms with #depression: bit.ly/2aflBzY @GeorgetownCCF Susan X X bit.ly/2aflBzY
Week 4 – August 22 – 26
Theme: Education
22 Monday Help us “stuff the bus” w/ new #school supplies. Contact your local United Way to learn how to help or #Dial211 http://bit.ly/2ap1j9b Jennifer X X X X X http://bit.ly/2ap1j9b
23 Tuesday From 2012-14, 53% of #kids in US were not in #preschool. Find out the rate in CA: bit.ly/29IN4xz @AECFkidscount Will X X X bit.ly/29IN4xz
24 Wednesday Check out the CA #childcare report from @USAChildCare usa.childcareaware.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/California.pdf Danielle X X X X usa.childcareaware.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/California.pdf
25 Thursday New @UrbanInstitute report shows #preschool attendance is a strong indicator of future success: bit.ly/2a6iUod #ECE Michelle X X X bit.ly/2a6iUod
26 Friday Research suggests that #earlychildhood education is a smart investment: http://econ.st/29d788c @TheEconomist @AECFNews Susan X X X X http://econ.st/29d788c
Week 5 – August 29 – Sept 2
Theme: Back to School
29 Monday Do your #kids need #health check ups before #school starts? Visit http://bit.ly/1sgbnGs or #Dial211 Jennifer X X X X X http://bit.ly/1sgbnGs
30 Tuesday DYK United Ways offer back packs w/ new #school supplies? Find United Way near you http://bit.ly/2ap1j9b or #Dial211 #LiveUnited Will X X X X X http://bit.ly/2ap1j9b
31 Wednesday Parents looking for #school clothes for your kids? Call 211 & find referrals http://bit.ly/VwHjGd #Dial211 Danielle X X X X X http://bit.ly/VwHjGd
1 Thursday Need to find affordabale after school #child care or activities? http://bit.ly/VwHjGd or #Dial211 for referrals. Michelle X X X X X http://bit.ly/VwHjGd
2 Friday Celebrate #LaborDay this weekend by volunteering to help your community. #Dial211 to find opportunities today. Susan X X X X X X

UWVC Social Calendar

August 2016

Date Day Subject/Sample Post
Week 1 – August 1-5
1 Monday Medi-Cal expansion is here! Spread the word on how to get kids signed up in Ventura County! #LIVEUNITED (5 things image)
We’re hosting a #GradNation Community Summit in #SouthOxnard on 9/10! Help us raise grad rates. http://bit.ly/179548G @AmericasPromise (Use with Save the Date)
2 Tuesday Have you bought your @vcunitedway Spirit of Community Awards tickets yet?!? What are you waiting for? http://bit.ly/1Uqnht6 #LiveUnited
3 Wednesday Join @vcunitedway for#GradNationSouthOxnard on 9/10! #LiveUnited (Use with Save the Date)
Have you seen @VolunteerVC new website? Check it out…and sign up for something while you’re there! #LiveUnited http://www.volunteerventuracounty.org/
4 Thursday Know what @vcunitedway does and how you can help? Check out this video! https://youtu.be/a45UJ3BAPBg #LiveUnited
5 Friday Set aside some time on 9/17 to give back to your community! Join @vcunitedway for Day of Caring! #LiveUnited (Save the Date image)
Week 2 – August 8-12
8 Monday Learn about @AmericasPromise #GradNation Community Summits–100 summits across US thru 2016! http://bit.ly/179548G #SouthOxnard
Start the school year out right with healthcare…ALL kids are now
covered under MediCal! Spread the word! #LIVEUNITED (5 things image)
9 Tuesday Don’t let this years Spirit Awards pass you by! Get your ticket now! http://bit.ly/1Uqnht6 #LiveUnited
10 Wednesday Invest in your community! Join @vcunitedway for#GradNationSouthOxnard on 9/10! #LiveUnited (Use with Save the Date)
11 Thursday .@vcunitedway is working every day 2 ensure ur community has what it needs 2 thrive, but we need ur help! http://bit.ly/1RnHtst #LiveUnited
12 Friday Show your community some love! Join @vcunitedway for the 27th Annual Day of Caring on 9/17! #LiveUnited (Day of Caring #2 image)
Week 3 – August 15-19
15 Monday #GradNation Community Summits focus on accelerating local efforts to reach 90% grad rate by 2020! http://bit.ly/179548G #SouthOxnard
Want to know how United Way’s work impacts Ventura County? Check out this video! https://youtu.be/a45UJ3BAPBg #LiveUnited
16 Tuesday Wooo…All kids can get covered now!! Spread the word about the Medi-Cal expansion! #LIVEUNITED (5 things image)
17 Wednesday Have or know kids in Hueneme Elementary School District? Join @vcunitedway for #GradNationSouthOxnard on 9/10! #LiveUnited (Use with Save the Date)
Why should you volunteer for Day of Caring? Watch this! http://bit.ly/2ao3pVv #LiveUnited (Day of Caring image #2)
18 Thursday One more week until @vcunitedway Spirit of Community Awards! Hurry and get your tickets! http://bit.ly/1THDiJF #LiveUnited
19 Friday @vcunitedway works to ensure quality edu., stable income & good health is accessible to all, but we need ur help. http://bit.ly/1RnHtst
Week 4 – August 22-26
22 Monday Know a child who might qualify for Medi-Cal expansion? Make sure mom and dad know where to find out! #LIVEUNITED (5 things image)
#GradNation Community Summits join leaders from all sectors 2 support youth & raise grad rates! http://bit.ly/179548G #SouthOxnard
23 Tuesday Who’s excited for the Spirit Awards @Reagan_Library? We are! Hope you have your ticket! http://bit.ly/1THDiJF #LiveUnited
24 Wednesday Be part of the conversation to make sure our kids graduate on time! #GradNationSouthOxnard #LiveUnited (Use with Save the Date)
25 Thursday Save the Date! Join hundreds of others in giving back to your community! #LiveUnited (Day of Caring #2 image)
26 Friday Cash isn’t the only gift you can give to @vcunitedway! Check out other ways to help make our community better!http://bit.ly/28NFv5P
Week 5 – August 29-31
29 Monday Participate in the #SouthOxnard #GradNation Community Summit! We’re working to raise local high school grad rates! http://bit.ly/179548G
Save the Date! Join us for our 27th Annual Day of Caring! #LiveUnited (Day of Caring #2 image)
30 Tuesday Check out this video explaining what @vcunitedway does and how you can get involved! https://youtu.be/a45UJ3BAPBg #LiveUnited
31 Wednesday Only 10 days until #GradNationSouthOxnard! Make sure you’re part of the conversation! #LiveUnited (Use with Save the Date)
Make sure ALL the kids in your life are covered! Medi-Cal now for ALL kids! #LIVEUNITED (5 things image)

Ventura County Children’s Oral Health Collaborative

Holidays/Events to Promote

Date/Time Frame Event
February National Children’s Dental Health Month
2/7 ADA Give Kids a Smile Day
2/9 National Toothache Day
2/28 and/or 8/22 Tooth Fairy Day
3/20 World Oral Health Day
Halloween Create/join campaign