Our Programs

In alignment with United Way of Ventura County, the Young Leaders Society has three key focus areas: education, income, and health. These areas are the building blocks to a better quality of life – and will help to improve the lives of young people in Ventura County.

Education: Helping children and youth achieve their full academic potential.
Income: Promoting financial stability and independence.
Health: Improving fitness and overall health.

Books Bonanza:

Books Bonanza is a monthly reading club where community volunteers read aloud to children and advocate the value of reading in order to enhance their childhood literacy development. The primary goal of Books Bonanza is to promote improved reading and learning skills in elementary school children. As 60% of low-income homes do not have age-appropriate reading materials for children, each month participating children bring home a book for their own library. Additionally, each participating classroom receives a book for their library. If you’re interested in volunteering, please visit: www.volunteerventuracounty.org.

Youth Empowerment Summit:

Developed in 2008, as a means to address the lack of career and life mentoring taking place in our public schools. The program engages three generations of young people: high school students, college/university students, and young professionals. The Youth Empowerment Summit (YES) is an annual event that provides students with exposure to a variety of different career fields and informative and interactive experiences to enhance their college and workforce readiness. Students who participate at the Youth Empowerment Summit may be eligible to receive a scholarship to assist with their higher education needs.

Fun in the Sun:

Obesity can cause health problems in kids today and also leads to problems, such as diabetes and heart disease, as they grow to adulthood. Studies show the obesity rate among children has nearly doubled in the last 10 years. To increase healthy living and lifestyles for youth of all ages, the YLS developed the annual Fun in the Sun event. Fun in the Sun promotes youth health and wellness through fun, effective and practical ideas for groups with different interests and abilities. Together, we can reverse the epidemic of childhood obesity.